Free Consultation

Elsindo Consulting provides free-of-charge consultation regarding study abroad in the represented countries. Our staffs are friendly and experienced to guide students through step-by-step process in getting education overseas in various levels. Consulting is one of the most important steps and students are encouraged to take advantage of this service. Find more about us and talk to one of our consultants!

University/School Application Assistance

Elsindo Consulting takes care the whole nine yard of application process which is, sometimes, not as simple as filling out an application form. Students will be guided throughout the whole process such as providing the required documents, meeting the application requirements, following up with the admission office of the chosen institution, etc. Call and ask us about the application process in the country of your choice!

Visa Assistance

The next crucial step after application process is applying for a visa to country destination. Each country has its own unique laws and regulations regarding visa application. Elsindo Consulting provides step-by-step instruction and assistance to such process backed by 14-year of experience. Feel free to drop us a call and get information to apply visa for specific country related to your study!

Accommodation Arrangement

Elsindo Consulting has maintaned excellent relationship with a large number of reputable education institution in eight different countries. It offers a variety of information and services related to student accomodation. Yes, Elsindo Consulting helps students to find dormitory, apartment, housing, according to their preference in general. If you wish to know more which accomodation is suitable to your preference in the country of your choice, please do not hesitate to contact us!

Education Tour

Elsindo Consulting takes student candidates abroad to get a taste of their next journey. This is a worth-to-take trip that will help students make important decision in their lives. The trip includes visit to college or university campuses, city tour as well as sight-seeing activities. Call us to find out about our next tour!

Departure and Travel Arrangement

Elsindo Consulting helps students to prepare their departure and deal with travel arrangement by providing pre-departure orientation and other necessary guidance. Upon specific request, Elsindo Consulting will also provide escort for students and parents who are going to their country of destination for academic study. Find out how Elsindo Consulting services can ease your travel arrangement and make the education journey much more enjoyable!

Market Advisory And Consulting

Elsindo Consulting offers advisory and consulting for overseas education institutions trying to establish themselves in Indonesia whose student population is immense: with 50 million students and 250,000 teachers, it is the third largest education system in the Asian region and fourth largest in the world. International student recruitment is just one of our strength in this area of services. Elsindo Consulting has succeded in assisting numerous reputable education institutions from the United States, United Kingdom and Canada as well as other countries to raise their profile in Indonesian market, recruit students, establish their brand and many other accomplishments. Let us know how we can work with your institution and let’s grow together!

Corporate International Education/Training/Workshop

Elsindo Consulting has had the opportunity to work with graduate students associated with several scholarship programs such as LPDP (Indonesian Ministry of Finance Scholarship Program), SPIRIT, BUDI, Chevening, and The Newton Fund Indonesia. A full-range of services has been provided for these Indonesian scholars including consultation, application process, school placement (in accordance with the scholarship requirement), as well as international test preparation programs such as TOEFL, IELTS, GMAT, GRE and others. The service can also be extended to short-term programs such as short courses, overseas workshop and training. Feel free to contact us and we can present to you a more thorough information!

Career Development Services

Elsindo Consulting provides assistance for Indonesian scholars who has finished their studies by providing them with career information and links with the industry of their expertise. Find out more on this career development service and contact one of Elsindo Consulting consultants!